I’m Bringing Sass C Back

After a long hiatus from sex blogging, I am back with a whole new site.

The Sassy Sub Daily

I decided to take down the Sassy Sub Daily. It was great while it lasted, but that was born out of the idea that I’d be Sir’s submissive forever. When that dynamic ended, I found it hard to continue writing. I felt so lost as a single submissive and I think I needed time to figure my life out. I’ve been back in contact with him, but we’re just friends.

Since things ended with Sir, I’ve had no desire to be anyone else’s submissive. Sir used to say that I am selectively submissive and I guess that part of my life has come to an end for now. That sort of connection doesn’t come easily and the amount of trust involved is not something I dole out on a regular basis.

Perhaps one day, I’ll fall madly in love with someone and it’ll become a part of that dynamic, but if not, it’s okay.

Simply Sass C

Over the past few months, I’ve contemplated whether I’d ever write again. I felt like I was so out of place in this community that I didn’t even know how to start up again. But I’ve definitely missed it.

I recently told someone from my vanilla life that I “used” to write smut. That was a conversation I never expected to have, but somehow it rolled off the tongue easily. Now, the number of people from my day to day life that know about my secret world is up to 3. Somehow, this conversation made me want to start writing again.

This time around, I just want to be Sass C. Before I even entered the world of sex blogging, I was always sassy. In fact I told many, “I can be sweet, but I have a bit of a bite.”

At the moment, I am single and thirsty, but I don’t expect to be going on any Tinder dates anytime soon. So we’ll see where this takes me. Hopefully, it won’t be knocking on Tony, the random hotel guy’s door again.

Who is Sass C?

I could write novels on how I got to this point. I’m practically living a double life. The vanilla world sees one thing and this secret world sees another. Maybe my two worlds are starting to collide.

But to simply put it, I am an Asian girl with a dirty mind. It’s not always voiced out loud, but it’ll be evident in how I write. My mind is complex; I am always over analyzing things. I like the science, psychology and history behind sex and attraction, but I also like creative outlets to express myself. If you were around for the Sassy Sub Daily, you’ll also know that I do enjoy sex and have quite a few stories.

Will you see me naked this time around? Probably not. But I’ll peel back the layers of my heart and mind and I’ll get vulnerable which is something most people don’t have the privilege of ever experiencing.

So Sass C is back and I hope my kinky friends are still out there.

sass c

Image by Drais Pereyra on Pexels.

4 thoughts on “I’m Bringing Sass C Back

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  1. This sounds the perfect re-invention Sass C. You aren’t the only one who has decided that the way their blog was going was not quite the right fit. I’ve stripped almost all my personal pictures from mine, and I don’t do toy reviews any more. But … lots of fiction and still guest writers so evolution is the way to keep going.
    Glad to see you moving forward, more fiction please xx

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    1. I also did away with the daily because I don’t know how frequently I’ll post. Perhaps some weeks, I’ll post everyday and other times, it’ll be once a week or once a month. Less stress to consistently come up with new content. And just sass c allows for more freedom that just the D/s world. For all I know, I might even write about periods at some point haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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