The Kiss of Death

Legend has it that when the living are asleep, living dead walk amongst the town searching for prey to devour. But I was never one to believe in such fairy tales…that is until I got tangled into a forbidden affair.

I grew up as one of those innocent little church girls in a tiny town. My mom used make me sing in the choir and my dad served as a deacon. Everyone knew me and everyone expected me to be a perfect little angel. But no one knew about the darkness that followed me around.

Ever since I was about 16, I would see a dark figure hiding in the shadows watching me. At first, I was scared and paranoid, but then I became intrigued. I’d see him standing beneath the old willow tree near the church every Tuesday night after choir practice. So one night I decided it was time to see who was watching me. After that night, I would walk to the willow tree every Tuesday night, but when I’d get there, he’d disappear.

But on my 30th birthday, everything changed.

“Misa! Are you going to Christmas Eve service tonight?”

“Of course Kenna! You know the drill with my parents.”

“But you’re turning 30 years old. They can’t control your life forever. Just tell them you want to celebrate with your best friend.”

“I can’t. Mom has me doing the big solo tonight.”

“Okay, well we’ll miss you at the Joey’s! You know he really likes you!”

“Ew! Joey’s my boss’s nephew. That’s so gross!” I shouted as I got into my car and drove straight to the church for last minute choir practice.

“You’re late!” My mom said sternly.

“It’s only six o’clock! We have six more hours!”

She gave me this glare. Mom is a tiny little Asian woman, but she when she’s upset with you, I swear her glares can burn a hole right through you.

“Why are you wearing that? You look like a tramp!” Mom was brutally honest.

“Relax! It’s just a red dress.”

“Too short! Are you trying to make a man sin at church tonight?”

I ignored her and practiced until service was about to start.

At the stroke of midnight, I began my solo.

Fall on your knees. Oh hear the angel voices. Oh night divine

And that’s when I saw him. He was standing in darkness in the back of the church. His eyes a piercing icy blue locked with mine as if he was staring into my soul. I had never seen him before, yet he was so familiar.

When service ended, I tried to find him, but he was gone. I went around and said Merry Christmas to everyone then decided to call it a night.

I walked to my car and as I opened the door, I felt a cool breath on the back of my neck. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and other moved my silky black hair away from my neck. I know I should’ve been scared, but I couldn’t help but want more so I leaned into him and his lips met the nape of my neck. Moans of pleasure escaped my lips. My mother would have a fit if she saw this.

His hand traveled down to the hem of my dress and I didn’t even try to stop him. My legs parted as if I knew his next move. Then he stopped and a wave of disappointment washed over me. Soft whimpers escaped my needy lips before his teeth sunk into my neck leaving me with feelings of utter ecstasy just before I blacked out.

When I came to, I was in a dark room on a four-poster bed with velvety red sheets. I looked around and saw him standing in the doorway. Those icy blue eyes staring into my soul. It’s as if I had known him for an eternity.

I took in the sight. He was tall, with dirty blonde hair and sculpted shoulders. He was wearing a suit that hugged his muscular frame. I couldn’t stop staring.

“Who are you? Where am I?”

His eyes grew dark, but his expression didn’t change as he approached me.

“I’ve been waiting a very long time for you.”

“But who are you?”


Chills ran down my spine. Death? What is that supposed to mean? Yet, I craved more of him. Intensity in our exchanged stares.

He sat on the bed next to me. Our eyes never parted from each other. “You’re mine, Misa!” His voice was thunderous.

“How do you know my name?” I whispered.

He pounced on top of me like a predator about to devour its prey. His lips met mine and I was under his spell. Kisses down my neck as he ripped off my red dress and continued kissing down my body. His teeth sunk into my inner thighs and that feeling of ecstasy took over once more. Flicks of his tongue on my swollen clit. My back arched in pure bliss.

In a flash, his clothes were off and he entered me. I knew it what we were doing was wrong, but it felt so right. Our hips moved rhythmically together. We were so in sync. His tongue danced with mine in perfect harmony. He thrusted harder and I could tell he was close. Once again, his teeth sunk into my neck as we both reached nirvana.

He rolled off of me and we laid there coming down from our highs. I just slept with a man and I don’t even know his name. He cupped my face with his hand and looked into my eyes. “Dimitri,” he whispered.


“My name is Dimitri. I’ve been waiting a long time for you, Misa.”

“How do you know my name?”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed and down the hallway. Before me hung a giant portrait with a plaque that said, “Count Dimitri Nikolaevich and the Bloodlust Queen.” I looked up at the portrait and it was Dimitri indeed, but the woman in his arms was the spitting image of me. Porcelain white skin, long silky black hair and a satin red gown.

“What is this? Who are you?”

“I’ve walked this earth for 830 years. For 500 years, I ruled a realm of vampires alone, but then a seer gave me a prophecy that foretold of you. The portrait was a gift that haunted me knowing I could not find you. Then 14 years ago, I saw you walk out of that church. You looked like her, but were too young. So I waited and waited year after year. I kept watch to make sure no one else found you. If other vampires found out about the prophecy, they would come for you to try to overthrow me. But when I saw you in the red dress and I couldn’t stay away any longer. You looked exactly as you do in this portrait.”

Somehow, it felt like I knew him for an eternity and I felt the sorrow in his eyes. It seemed like he thought I’d run from him, but I knew I couldn’t be without him. There was something about him; it was as if I was specifically made for him. I was drawn to him and I didn’t fear him.

So I swept my hair to the side and offered him my neck.

“Are you sure?”

“This means I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine?”

He nodded his head so I followed suit. With that bit my wrist and drank my blood. He then bit his wrist and I drank his before his teeth sunk into my neck once more.

I was his biggest secret and he was my greatest sin. He was the kiss of death and I was his eternity.

sass c

Image by LeQuocHuy36 on Pixabay

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    1. Thank you! I was getting a bit frustrated writing it. I knew the beginning and how I wanted to end it…the middle of it was deleted and rewritten over and over again.


    1. I was trying to fit everything in 1500 words haha. It’s been a while since I’ve written any fiction and though there were several rewrites, I wasn’t quite satisfied with this one.


  1. Sass C – this was spellbinding. I loved how you built the character of the girl and Dimitri sounds a delectable temptation. It became so romantic and haunting. Reminds me of an idea which sparked a vamp story which I wrote – an immortal waiting for THE one. Great fiction

    Liked by 1 person

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