Stars In The Sky

They say Egyptians, Hindus and Mayans once believed that the stars were gods or they represented divine beings. As I studied the universe and all things in between, I could never agree with these beliefs. Then, I met Bo and everything changed.

Nebula – The Birth of a Star

From an early age, I knew I was adopted. My parents never tried to hide that from me, but one thing they couldn’t tell me is where I came from. The adoption agency and private investigators could never locate my birth parents. There weren’t any hospital records about my birth. It was as if I just appeared one day and was left at my parents’ doorstep.

It was February 24, 1987 when I seemingly appeared out of nowhere. My parents had been trying to have kids, but were unsuccessful for years. When I appeared at their doorstep, they took it as a sign that I was meant to be their child. They said that my skinned glistened even in the dark and my eyes shined brighter than any star in the sky so they called me Theia. Theia Orion that is.

Astronomers say that on that very day, they witness a supernova at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. Dad always joked how a star was born as a result of that supernova and that star was named Theia. Grandpa Orion would always call me his bright shining star as I was his only grandchild.

I grew up like any ordinary child. Dad and mom wanted me to have a normal life despite my unknown origins. They sent me to public schools and enrolled me in extracurriculars. Grandpa Orion would take me star gazing every summer and we’d seek out cosmic events. When I was about 15 years old, we watched the Leonid meteor shower around thanksgiving. It was then grandpa told me about the myth about the stars being animate versions of gods.

But I didn’t believe in gods; I believed in science. Though, grandpa continued to insist I was the goddess of heavenly light; I laughed it off. In 2004, grandpa died right before I began submitting college applications. His love for the stars convinced me to study astronomy.

Blue Giant – Stars Collide

I left home and went to the home of many stars to begin my studies. Yes, I moved to Los Angeles and made it a point to see the stars in Hollywood. In my final year of college, I met Bo in one of my astronomy classes. He was this broody guy who walked around with a dark cloud over his head. Wherever Bo went, destruction seemed to follow.

Rumor was that he had even been arrested before. Some say he killed a man and others say he put the fear of god people. Everyone was scared to go near him, including the professor. But a research project was assigned and Professor Lynx paired us together. This is when the world as I knew it became no more.

Our topic was blue supergiant stars and their origins. We began researching and hypothesizing what created such a phenomena and spent many late nights at his apartment working on the project. One night, we took a break from the research and went star gazing.

“My grandpa and I used to do this every summer.” The nostalgia for my grandpa flooded in as we gazed at the stars. “He loved the stars and told me that they were the animate forms of gods. I never believed him.”

Bo looked at me curiously. “I used to star gaze with a girl I used to know.” The air was still and he went silent.

“I may not have been related to my grandpa by blood, but there was never a moment that I ever questioned how much he loved me.”

“You were adopted?” Bo inquired.

“Yeah, I never knew my birth parents or where I came from. It’s like I fell out of the sky.”

Bo laughed. “I was adopted too. My parents already had a baby girl when they adopted me. We grew up together and she was easily my best friend, until…um never mind.”

“What happened to your sister? Are you still close?”

“No, we had a falling out. I slept with her best friend a couple years ago. Her best friend and I were extremely hot for each other, but things ended shortly after. She ended up getting pregnant and losing the baby. It devastated her and ended up driving off the road one night. I lost both her and the baby. My sister was so upset that she stopped talking to me. My world imploded on me and it’s been nothing but chaos that’s followed me around since.”

“So you and the girl were like a blue supergiant. You were like two stars that collided and shined brighter than other stars in the sky.”

“I guess so. Then it was over and I became a black hole.”

Even though Bo was full of darkness, the gravitational pull was strong and I wanted to be closer to him. I laid back on the hood of his car and sighed. He followed suit, then I turned to face him. We were complete opposites, but there was just something about him. I stroked his cheek with my hand and stared at him with gentleness before he turned toward me and kissed me.

Supernova – The Death of a Star

As we continued our research, we approached dangerous territory. We never talked about the kiss under the stars, but we grew closer and closer. I was trying to be cautious as I didn’t want to be consumed by his darkness, but his pull was just too strong.

There were several stolen glances. There were several nights I spent cuddling in bed with him. I was falling for him no matter how hard I tried not to.

The end of the semester came and we presented our research. Professor Lynx gave us the top score in the class and we were overcome with joy. Bo and I celebrated the news and found ourselves in bed together. This time, it wasn’t just mere cuddling.

His fingers traced the curves of my naked body and his lips locked with mine. Our tongues collided and danced in harmony. His erect cock entered me as I gasped. In that moment, it seemed like we were meant to be. His cock pounded into me over and over again. Our hips moved in sync until we both reached ecstasy like a supernova bursting over our worlds.

Life as we knew it was no more. We were never meant to be mere mortals or walk this earth. We were destined for something we could have never imagined.

And with that, we made our ascent into the night sky. I guess grandpa was right all along. Bo, short for Erebos, the god of darkness, became a black hole in the night sky. I, Theia, the titan goddess of sight and heavenly light, was a star in his orbit. His gravitational pull was just too strong to escape. Forever, I’ll be at his side until his darkness consumes all of me.

sass c.

Image by David Weiss on Unsplash

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  1. Love me some astronomy! Futurists postulate that far future civilizations will use black holes as batteries, tapping the Hawking radiation in the black, starless void.

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