Wet and Wild

I get to his place and walk in because he left the door unlocked for me. He hugs me as I drop my bag onto the floor. Then I look up and wrap my arms around the back of his neck and our lips meet. Lover is the only man to have ever greeted me this way; it feels like a welcome home even though we don’t live together.

He holds me in his warm embrace and kisses my neck. My hands rub up down his back and shoulders. Lover has some amazing arms and shoulders. He’s so strong and it is quite sexy. “I missed you,” comes whispering out of my mouth. His hands grip my ass as he says, “I missed you too.” He pulls back and looks at me before kissing me again.

“Hey hun! I need to take a shower; I can wait until later, but figured you’d want to join me.” I give him a cheeky grin and he knows that means yes. We make it into the bedroom to grab clean towels, but start making out again. He peels off my clothing before stripping himself. Lover stands behind me and caresses my breasts while making me watch in the mirror. His breath is on my neck and I want him desperately.

I get on my knees and begin sucking his cock. Lover is moaning in pleasure. Then he says, “I guess we won’t be showering.” I look up and apologize. He walks me into the bathroom then bends me over sink before his cock seeks entrance into my ass. His hand wanders lower and he begins fingering me gently at first. When he pushes his cock into me, his fingers begin fucking my pussy relentlessly.

He stops because the water is now hot enough. We get into the shower and make out some more. Our hands are exploring each other’s bodies. He begins fingering once more. Pleasure overtakes my body and I collapse onto him. I’m slumped over against his chest when I can’t hold it any longer and suddenly a warm sensation pools from between my legs and onto his hand. He looks and me and says, “Mm, did you just cum?” I nod my head. It took him by surprise because in the two years we’ve been together, this was the first time I’ve ever cum for him.

We wash each other with the occasional kiss in between. Then he pushes me against the tile and takes me from behind again. The hot water is dripping down our skin, but the coldness of the tile pressed against my breast gives me the shivers. He stops and turns off the water. We dry off and go back into the bedroom.

My naked body is pressed against his as we cuddle in bed. Happiness fills me whenever we find ourselves skin to skin. Lover gets aroused again with just naked cuddles so he rolls me onto my back and spreads my legs with his body. He lines his cock up with my pussy and my legs wrap around him. His cock slowly pushes into me. I love feeling his thick cock fill my pussy. Lover continues to fuck me. His thrusts begin to speed up before a loud gasp comes out of his mouth and my pussy starts dripping. He just came inside me and I never want this moment to end.

I’ve never had this much sex with anyone else I’ve dated. Sex was never this pleasurable until I met lover. He always make me wet and we get a bit wild in bed. Call it an amazing cock or raw talent, but I sure hope it lasts forever.

sass c

Image from We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

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