Come to Life

Hands touch, eyes meet, electricity

No words, hearts speak what is happening

You want so bad to fall, you wanna risk it all

But right now, it’s not your call

Marié Digby – Come to Life

March 2019

Hana loved the spring and every year she’d go to Mount Yoshino to partake in hanami. Running through a field of Sakura trees, she giggled about how childlike she was acting even in her late 20s. But she didn’t have a care in the world because this was the time of the year, her delicate soul came to life.

Running, jumping, spinning around, she was so excited to be surrounded by all the cherry blossoms. However, being as distracted as she was, she didn’t quite see all of her surroundings. In her elation, Hana ran into John and immediately stumbled backward until she fell on her bum. John slightly chuckled before helping her off the ground.

He stared at her admiring her beauty. John was a bit dumbfounded and could not find the words to say. Her long silky black hair was flowing with the wind and sweeping across her pale face. Hana’s cheeks began to flush with a rosy hue, perhaps out of embarrassment or maybe because she couldn’t stop staring at John. Suddenly, her glistening brown eyes locked with his. It was like time had stopped and no one else was around. Then they realized, they were still holding hands from when John helped her up. John and Hana let go, but the electricity still ran through their veins.

The gaze between them was intense. Finally, John found the courage to break the silence. “Um, are you okay?” John said firmly, but compassionately.

“Oh, um yes. Sorry for running into you.” Hana replied in her broken English.

“I’m John. I’m stationed at Camp Shinodayama, but they gave me leave for the weekend.”

“My name is Hana.” Hana continued to gaze at the American Marine. She always thought she’d end up with a Japanese businessman who worked way too many hours to even really see her. But John was something different. He had dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He was tall and rather buff. John was definitely not the kind of guy Hana was used to, but the change was welcomed.

John and Hana walked to the pagoda and continued talking. They stood there watching as the wind blew through the cherry blossom trees. John was smitten seeing Hana amongst the delicate trees. It was clear they had a connection and when the sun started to set neither of them wanted to say goodbye. John walked Hana to her car and brushed the hair from her eyes before planting a gentle kiss on her lips. It left her breathless. They exchanged phone numbers before they went there separate ways.

February 2020

Throughout the year, John and Hana talked everyday and spent time together each time he was granted leave. They were desperately in love. John had asked Hana to be his girlfriend about a month after they had met and she happily said yes. 

It was hard to get Hana onto base to allow her to stay with him so when he was on leave, he’d stay at her apartment. John woke up and found Hana fast asleep on his chest. Her petite frame was wedged against his muscular body. He admired her nakedness as he always did and smiled. John thought he was incredibly lucky to have found Hana and planned on proposing soon. He couldn’t figure out how until he took her scent in. She smelled like the essence of spring and reminded him of when they first met at Mount Yoshino. He knew he would take her back there once hanami season started ask her to marry him then.

Suddenly, he felt something wrap around his cock. He looked down and saw Hana staring at him as her mouth wrapped around him. John was so lost in thought that he hadn’t realized Hana had woken up. “Mm, good morning to you too, honey.” John watched as Hana’s head bobbed up and down sucking his cock. Her lips were so soft and wrapped tightly around him. He was about to explode so he stopped her before flipping her on her back and going down on her. His tongue flicked her clit numerous times and she moaned in pleasure. He was sucking and swirling his tongue throughout her wet pussy until she came. John lapped up all of her juices; he just couldn’t get enough of her.

John had Hana get onto all fours and spanked her ass before mounting her. Each thrust was more and more powerful. They were out of breath and their hearts were pounding. Moans filled the air each time his cock entered her tiny wet pussy. They both were filled with ecstasy. John couldn’t hold it any longer and came inside her.

Trying to catch their breaths, they began to cuddle again. John kissed her forehead and whispered, “I love you.” Hana smiled at him and whispered, “I love you too.”

After they had caught their breaths, Hana looked at John. “So what do you want to do today besides me?” John laughed and answered, “I thought maybe we could stay in today and next month, we’ll go to Mount Yoshino for hanami.”

Hana recalled every second of hanami from the previous year and she smiled shyly. “Sounds like a plan. We can relive how I literally fell for you.“

March 2021

John and Hana never did make it to Mount Yoshino. The pandemic had hit and John was stuck on base. They had gone the year without seeing each other. Hana made the trip to Mount Yoshino hoping that they could see each other for hanami this year. Hana also didn’t know how he’d react to the surprise she had for him. It was something that just could not be shared over the phone. She waited for hours everyday for a week and he never showed up.

Hana was heartbroken as John had also grown silent. She thought that he was through with her and she couldn’t bear it. He was the love of her life and she needed him.

March 2022

John had been moved back to stateside for over a year. His phone was destroyed on the trip back. Everyday, he longed to talk to Hana, but he had no way of contacting her. He was besides himself. His friends had never seen his so depressed. He couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. John just wanted to be with the woman he fell in love him.

John decided to book a flight back to Japan. He headed straight for Mount Yoshino. He went everyday for a week. On the last day of his trip, he saw Hana, but was upset when he saw her carrying a baby. John thought that she had moved on and found another man.

Hana spotted John and her heart started racing. She ran to him with the baby in her arms.

“All this time, I couldn’t function being apart from you and you decided to lay with another man!”

Hana looked at him confused. “Huh?”

“You had a child with some man even though you knew I loved you!”

Hana realized what was going on. “John, this is Haru, your daughter. I named her Haru because spring was when we came to life, fell in love, and conceived.”

John was confused. Then he remembered the last time he saw her and began assessing the child’s size and age, only to realize he had gotten her pregnant. He was once again heartbroken that he had left her alone this whole time and missed his daughter’s first year of life.

“John, where were you? I was sad that you left me. I only picked myself up again because I need to take care of Haru.”

John explained the whole situation before, getting on one knee and doing what he had planned on doing two years ago.

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Image by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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